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Wild, Ocean Caught Tuna

Wild, Ocean Caught Tuna is the first ingredient and an excellent, healthy source of protein , omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids to help support muscles.

Complete & Balanced

Complete and Balanced – Added vitamins, minerals and nutrients round out this formula to provide your cat with all the nutrition they need.

All life stages

A cat food that grows with you. A favorite they’ll enjoy for years to come.

Premium Formulas

Grain Free, Limited Ingredient Formula – No Corn, Wheat, Soy or Animal Byproduct meals – Great for cats with allergies or food sensitivities.

Added Taurine

Cats can’t live without it, but don’t produce it on their own. Taurine is an essential amino acid that supports healthy heart function, eyesight, digestion and a robust immune system.

Above and Beyond

All of our pet food formulas meet or exceed AAFCO Standards

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We’re a family owned and operated business located in the United States.

Our vision is simple:

 All Natural Ingredients

 Complete & Balanced Formulas

 Flavors That Pets Go Wild Over

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Tuna is the First Ingredient

Tuna is the First Ingredient

87% tuna. Because cats need pure protein in their diet. They’re obligate carnivores. Learn More at the link below
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Ecologically Responsible

Our Fisheries Practice Fair Fishing

Sustainable fishing practices and responsible use of the whole catch are important to us, and our fishery partners. Learn More at the link below.
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Certified Dolphin Safe

Certified Dolphin Safe

Our fishery partners are committed dolphin-conscious fishing practices. Dolphin safety is a priority. Learn More at the link below.
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Tune up the Tuna

Let’s talk about the most delicious, nutritious meal your furry friend has had recently. Tuna is nearly irresistible to cats, but it’s hard to find in a complete and balanced formula. That’s where we come in…

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You want your pet’s food to have simple and limited ingredients – not full of fillers and additives. We are transparent about our ingredients so you can feel good about your pet’s food.

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