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What is a Balanced Diet for Cats?

Complete and Balanced Nutrition

for Cats of All Ages

87% tuna combined with other vitamins, and minerals

We Worked Hard to Make Birdie & Louie Nutritious and Delicious

Let’s address the use of the word “delicious” in the headline above first. That’s an easy one. Generally, cats love tuna, and all variations of our wet cat food contain at least 80% tuna. That’s a big reason why so many cats love our product. Now, moving on to the real reason you’re reading this article.

The trick about the question, “What is a balanced diet for cats?” is that professionals essentially redirect that question to be about nutrition intake for an animal. Here’s an insightful quote from Pets.WebMD.com that helps us understand a simpler perspective when trying to decide if a food is good for our animal.

“Don’t spend too much time trying to decipher that ingredient list. “Animals require nutrients, not ingredients,” says Sherry Sanderson, DVM, PhD, University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine. “You should be most concerned about the nutritional value of the end product, and less concerned about the ingredients that get you there.”

What Dr. Sherry Sanderson says above is exactly why our answer to the question about a balanced diet is citing our Nutrition Adequacy Statement. It confirms that our formula does indeed meet the recommended nutritional levels established by the AAFCO for all stages of a cat’s life.

Why Are Nutrients So Important for Cats?

According to Vet.Cornell.edu, cats rely on nutrients found in animal products, and require more than a dozen other nutrients.         

Necessary Nutrients
Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that they rely on nutrients found only in animal products. Cats evolved as hunters that consume prey that contains high amounts of protein, moderate amounts of fat, and a minimal amount of carbohydrates, and their diet still requires these general proportions today.

Source: Vet.Cornell.edu

The Problem with Homemade Cat Food Regiments? The Balanced Diet Issue.  

Some cat owners might be tempted to get creative with their cat’s diet, with the best of intentions, but not enough information about their cat’s nutritional needs. That’s why professionals do not recommend feeding tuna made for human consumption to cats, for example.

“Fresh tuna or human-grade canned tuna are both not suitable as a major part of your cat’s diet. While tuna isn’t on the toxic foods list for cats, it certainly cannot be recommended if you wish to feed your feline friend a balanced diet. This is because neither fresh nor canned tuna is nutritionally balanced and complete for cats and over time, deficiencies can develop.”

Source: YourVetOnline

It is generally recommended that cat owners purchase nutritionally balanced commercial foods, unless a veterinarian recommends a home-formulated recipe for medical purposes. In that event, your veterinarian will likely recommend a recipe developed by veterinarians certified in animal nutrition.”

Source: Vet.cornell.edu

Give Your Cat the Tuna They Crave and the Balanced, Nutritious Diet They Need

With tuna as the first ingredient, and additional vitamins and minerals added to our unique formula, we know you and your feline friends will agree, Birdie & Louie is a great way to keep tasty tuna and quality nutrition on the menu.

On all variations of Birdie & Louie tuna wet cat food labels, you’ll find the following statement:

Nutritional Adequacy Statement: Birdie & Louie Tuna [Product Variation Name] Gourmet Cat Food Entrée has been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Feline Food Nutrient Profiles for all stages of life.