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Chicken & Lamb

Does your furbaby have the discerning palate of a famous food critic? Challenge accepted. Lamb is known to have a distinct, natural flavor unlike any other protein, and it takes this flavor profile to the next level. *Chef’s Kiss

Grain-Free Formula

Complete & Balanced

Heart Healthy

Chicken & Beef

Introducing premium Chicken and Beef wet cat food pate, the Birdie & Louie way. This is a classic combination that cats are known to love. Still grain free. Still complete and balanced nutrition. Ring the dinner bell, here it is.

Grain-Free Formula

Complete & Balanced

Heart Healthy

You asked. We listened. The 12pc variety pack is here.

Tune up the Tuna

Let’s talk about the most delicious, nutritious meal your furry friend has had recently. Tuna is nearly irresistible to cats, but it’s hard to find in a complete and balanced formula. That’s where we come in…

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All About Tuna

All About Tuna

Tuna is irresistible to cats. Read all about our formulas and what make them special.
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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Dolphin Safe and Fair Fishing practices are just a few ways that we're doing our part. Read all about it here.
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Balanced Diets

Balanced Diet

Does your pet have a balanced diet? We touch on best practices and what you can do to be sure here.
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